Industrial Health and Safety

1. Safety Policies
Based on one of the management principles of the Chiba and Yokkaichi Plants "Our goal is to be the Number One Company in Safety" and on the company-wide goal of "Maintaining safe and steady operation" both plants have established policies related to securing industrial health and safety as well as safety and accident prevention.

2. Safety Targets
Each plant determines its own goals on different policy lines and establishes plans that define the ways and means of, and where the responsibilities lie for, achieving the goals as well as the activity schedule.

Chiba Plant

* Policy Line on Safety and Health Management
The Chiba Plant of Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd. recognizes that its supreme mission towards all persons concerned is to assure the continuity of safe and steady operation. Based on its management policy, it establishes the following principles on safety and health management and makes these known to its entire workforce. It makes public announcement in response to external requests and when otherwise necessary.

  1. In order to achieve permanent accident- and incident-free conditions we undertake to reinforce its voluntary safety system and create a fuller accident prevention organization.
  2. We undertake to all laws and by laws on safety and health and on the prevention of accidents. Furthermore, it will establish voluntary standards in a commitment to maintain and upgrade safety.
  3. We will establish safety and health management targets and promote them in a planned manner.
  4. We will promote safety and health activities with company-wide participation.
  5. We undertake to make an ongoing effort to improve its safety and health management through appropriate means, including internal auditing.

Yokkaichi Plant

* Safety Policies
"Safe operation with no accidents and no incidents"
We consider it our mission at the Yokkaichi Plant to maintain "Safe Operation without accidents and incidents." To achieve this goal on an ongoing basis we establish policies and guidelines for safety management (safety and health). We notify all employees involved in plant operation about the policies and do all we can to promote a fuller understanding.

  1. In order to achieve permanent accident- and incident-free conditions we are committed to reinforcing safety management and to conveying technology.
  2. We are committed to adherence to all laws and by laws related to safety management and of our internal rules as well as to minimizing risks by identifying sources of danger and engaging in prevent action.
  3. We set safety management targets and promote their implementation in a planned manner in an effort to achieve them.
  4. We are committed to conducting regular internal audits and to evaluating the level of target achievement and make every effort to improve our safety management system.
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