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Our corporate mission is to contribute to the sound development of life and industry based on chemical technology, and our management policies are to create value relied on by customers and to continuously transform while looking steadily at the future. In the research and development field, we are developing activities for creating the future in order to provide new functions and value to customers. The contents of our research and development are roughly divided into two divisions, strengthening and expansion of existing businesses for improving products and functions at the request of the customer and development of new businesses for developing products with new functions.

In the region of strengthening and expansion of existing business, we are developing semiconductor resist materials and peripheral materials corresponding to the needs in the electronics field where technical innovation is progressing at remarkable speed. Also, we are developing various types of vinyl ethers that provide functions utilizing the features of water solubility, low viscosity, low toxicity, polymerizability, and reactivity.

In the region of the development of new businesses, we are developing peculiar products by polymerization with various types of monomers utilizing unique technology for vinyl ether. Also, we are developing application development for the development of products with such characteristics as adsorptivity to metal, electric conductivity, and hydrophilicity obtained by unique technology using a phosphorous compound as the raw material. Moreover, we are developing the technology for chemically fixing CO2 for the reduction of the environmental load.

Currently we are especially focusing on the following products. Please contact us for more information.

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Introduction to development products

Relating to reinforcement and expansion of existing business

Semiconductor photoresist materials and peripheral materials (mainly paravinylphenol (PVP) resin)

Various types of vinyl ether


Relating to development of new business

Vinyl ether polymerization technology

Phosphonic acid-base monomer manufacturing technology

CO2 fixing technology for reducing environmental load


Related to reinforcement and expansion of existing business

Resist materials and peripheral materials for Semiconductor field (mainly paravinylphenol (PVP) resin)

In the excimer laser semiconductor resist field, we are promoting technical development and plant investment in response to the requirements of customers and the era (microfabrication of circuit pattern and three-dimensional devices) as a top class base polymer supplier in the world. Utilizing such technology and know-how, we are performing the design and development of homopolymers and copolymers with the various required performance characteristics.
Our technical advantages are removal technology of trace metal impurities and quality control technology. We can reduce metal impurities down to the level of parts per billion (one-billionth). In addition, the activities that continuously improve quality control were recognized by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers and received the Japan Quality Encouragement Prize Quality Innovation Award in 2018

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Various types of vinyl ethers

The hydroxyl group-containing vinyl ethers manufactured by our unique technology are useful as a reactive diluent for paint, coatings, and inks. It is also possible to synthesize a reactive monomer and an oligomer through the reaction of the hydroxyl group with (meth)acrylate, urethane, and epoxy. In addition, this type of vinyl ether is used as a component of fluorocarbon resins for weather resistant paint.

Item 2-Hydroxyethyl
vinyl ether (HEVE)
Diethylene glycol
monovinyl ether (DEGV)
4-Hydroxybutyl vinyl
ether (HBVE)
Molecular weight 88.11 132.16 116.16
Molecular formula C4H8O2 C6H12O3 C6H12O2
Structural formula CH2=CH-O-CH2CH2-OH CH2=CH-(OCH2CH2)2-OH CH2=CH-O(CH2)4-OH
Chemical Substance
Control Law No.
7-97 7-97 2-3248
CAS No. 764-48-7 929-37-3 17832-28-9
Basic physical properties Appearance Colorless and
transparent liquid
Colorless and
transparent liquid
Ultralight yellow and
transparent liquid
Boiling point[℃] 140 207.6 187
Freezing point[℃] -20 -49.9 -40
Density[g/cm3] 0.984 1.028 0.93
Flash point[℃] 55 (Tag closed
110 (Cleveland
open system)
79.5 (Tag closed
Ignition point[℃] 272 247 265
Applicable law Fire Protection Law Class 4 Petroleum
No. 2 (water soluble liquid) (Designated quantity 2,000 L)
Class 4 Petroleum
No. 3 (water
soluble liquid)
quantity 4,000 L)
Class 4 Petroleum
No. 3 (non-water soluble liquid) (Designated quantity 2,000 L)
Ship Safety Law

Dangerous Goods Regulations
Inflammable liquids

High flash point inflammable liquid
Not applicable Not applicable
Industrial Safety
Regulation Law

Dangerous substance

(Inflammable substance)
Not applicable Not applicable
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Related to the development of new business

Vinyl ether polymerization technology

<Precision cation polymerization technology>
We have developed the technology for manufacturing a block-type polymer by synthesizing vinyl ether polymers through living cation polymerization with a difunctional initiator and by continuously performing the living cation polymerization of styrene monomers while holding reactivity. Since this technology continuously executes the polymerization reaction of block copolymers by one pot, it is possible to significantly simplify the manufacturing processes and facilities.

<Radical polymerization technology for hydroxyl group-containing vinyl ether>
In general, vinyl ether monomers have low radical polymerization properties, and it has been difficult to obtain vinyl ether polymers through radical polymerization. However, through joint research with Associate Professor Sugihara of the University of Fukui, we have achieved radical polymerization of vinyl ether, which could only be synthesized by cationic polymerization, and developed a technology to refine the polymerization by the RAFT mechanism. We also developed radical polymerization technology using the radical polymerization initiator (V-601: Dimethyl 2,2'-azobis(2-methylpropionate)) that is generally used. The vinyl ether polymer obtained by this technology is expected to be applied to temperature responsive polymer, core-shell type polymer particles.

Shinji Sugihara, Yuki Kawamoto, Yasushi Maeda, Macromolecules 49, 1563-1574 (2016)


Phosphonic acid-base monomer manufacturing technology

Water-soluble organic phosphorus compounds obtained from our unique technology show excellent adhesiveness to metal to which the silane coupling agent is ineffective (Ti, Ca, Al, Zr, Zn, and Fe) and their oxides. Since these compounds also have the characteristics of electric conductivity and hydrophilicity, we are promoting the development of applications utilizing these features.


CO2 fixing technology for reducing environmental load

In the situation where carbon dioxide emissions are reduced more strictly, the development of the effective utilization technology of carbon dioxide (CCU: carbon capture and utilization) is required. We are developing chemicals using carbon dioxide as the raw material, and as part of this research theme, we have developed technology for manufacturing ethylene carbonate (EC) through the reaction between carbon dioxide and ethylene oxide in joint research with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Since carbon dioxide occupies half of the components of EC, it is possible to efficiently fix carbon dioxide. In addition, since EC can dissolve a large amount of electrolytes, it is also possible to utilize it as an electrolyte solvent for lithium-ion secondary batteries.

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