Corporate Philosophy
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Corporate Philosophy

Based on our chemical technology, we are committed to the sound development of society and industry.

Management Policies

Action Standard(CC10)

Chemiway Commitment 10 (CC10 ) is a "10 -ACTION Standard," established as an oath we make to each of our stakeholders whom we divide into

We believe that we can increase the trust we receive from all sides and achieve sustainable growth as a business by each of us fully committed to our business activities while being constantly aware of these "10-Action Standard".
We consider it our mission to become a company gaining greater appreciation from all concerned, our shareholders, the users of our products, our creditors and our employees by achieving without fail the visions of the individual divisions - the Petrochemical Department, the Specialty Chemicals Department, Production Engineering Department, and the Administration Department - and building a solid management base.
We embrace a commitment to the CC10 as a company-wide effort in a manner that without being bound by the habits of the past, we make constructive proposals with a full awareness of the problems around us, and implement starting from the feasible area.

Corporate Symbol

The corporate brand symbolizes the letter "C" of "Chemiway." The random overlapping of the Cs signifies the diverse endeavors and initiatives of Maruzen Petrochemical on the path toward the realization of its corporate mission and expresses the various elements that constitute the company including information, expertise, diversification of human resources and development of new business.