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Fulfilling our goal as a company that contributes to human life

Maruzen Petrochemical is a chemical producer that develops, produces and sells petrochemical products and, in petrochemical industrial operations, which is our line of business, we purchase naphtha obtained by refining crude petroleum from oil companies in Japan and abroad and develop and commercialize products including ethylene, propylene and the other basic petrochemical products that are the raw materials of plastics, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, coatings, etc., as well as functional raw materials with value added fractions.
These serve as the basic materials for products that are essential in our everyday lives such as automobiles, housing, household appliances, computers, fiber, miscellaneous goods and optical materials. We are committed to promoting research and product development in order to be able to continue providing multi-function high-function raw materials geared to the diversifying needs of society while contributing to industry and the lives of the people.

Safe and effective production infrastructure

The company, which forms the Maruzen Petrochemical complex together with five leading chemical companies, launched the production and supply of ethylene in 1961, as the ethylene center, the core of the petrochemical complex. The first ethylene plant (production equipment) was completed in 1964 and the third plant, the first in Japan with annual production of 300,000 tons, was completed in 1969. The fourth plant, boasting of highest annual production in Japan of 600,000 tons, was completed jointly with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. in 1994. The plant currently has the largest ethylene production capacity in Japan (690,000 tons).
In addition, the production volume of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), the first petrochemical product based on domestic technology, has currently been expanded to 170,000 tons, one of the highest production capacities in the world, and, besides supplying domestic users, it is also being exported to countries around the world.
Meanwhile, in the area of environmental conservation, we are dedicated to daily efforts for the conservation of resources and energy in order to realize the effective utilization of the limited resources of the earth while giving consideration to the environment, safety and health through independent Responsible Care activities.