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President Message

Aiming to be a company that contributes to the healthy enhancement of daily living and industry while trusted by society

Maruzen Petrochemical’s corporate philosophy is “Contribute to the healthy enhancement of daily living and industry based on our chemical technology.” Since the company’s founding in 1959, we have been putting efforts into business activities with the aim of fulfilling our responsibility to society and enhancing our corporate value. Furthermore, supported by our stakeholders, Maruzen Petrochemical became a consolidated subsidiary of Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., in March 2016, which enabled us to maintain stable business operations into the present day. As members of the Cosmo Energy Group, each of us at Maruzen Petrochemical is acting more responsibly than ever before in accordance with an even higher sense of ethics.
Positioned as the ethylene center of a petrochemical complex, Maruzen Petrochemical’s role is to procure raw materials from petroleum refining companies and provide a stable supply of products to the derivatives companies that are our customers. We intend to strengthen our collaboration with other member companies of the petrochemical complex to achieve the healthy development of the complex overall. Moreover, we are putting effort into the expansion of our chemical products and industrial and specialty chemicals businesses with the objective of creating a new earnings pillar.
Furthermore, by further promoting technological development in the decarbonization field with the intention of realizing Carbon Net Zero within the ethylene center and supplying carbon-dioxide-free technologies and chemical products in the future, we are implementing carbon-neutral measures throughout the entire supply chain, including our trading partners.
Because Maruzen Petrochemical handles large quantities of hazardous substances and high-pressure gasses, safety is our greatest priority. Recognizing the serious risks to safety and the environment, we are maintaining zero-accident zero-disaster operations by protecting the health and safety of our employees and the local community as we strive to be the Number One Company for Safety.
The Maruzen Petrochemical Group will continue its efforts to be a company that is even more attractive and trusted by a diverse community of stakeholders, and we humbly ask for your further understanding and support in these endeavors.