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Inquiry >Solvents GR.

Chemical Name Product Name CAS No.
Normal Hexane Normal Hexane 101316-67-0 (110-54-3)
Isohexane Isohexane 101316-67-0(107-83-5)
Methyl Cyclohexane(Swaclean MCH) SWACLEAN MCH 108-87-2
sec-Butyl Alcohol SBA 78-92-2
Methyl Ethyl Ketone MEK 78-93-3
Diisobutylene DIB 25167-70-8

Inquiry >Industrial Chemicals 1 GR.

Chemical Name Product Name CAS No.
Isooctane MARUKASOL 8 540-84-1
Isododecane MARUKASOL R 13475-82-6/ 62199-62-6
Cyclopentane MARUKASOL FH 287-92-3
tert-Butyl Alcohol TBA 75-65-0
Ethylene glycol mono-tertiary butyl ether SWASOLVE ETB 7580-85-0
High-purity Dicyclopentadiene HDCP 77-73-6
Hydrogenated Bisphenol A H-BPA 80-04-6
Dicyclopentadiene-based Petroleum Resin MARUKAREZ M Series (各製品参照)

Inquiry >Industrial Chemicals 2 GR.

Chemical Name Product Name CAS No.
Diethyl sulfate DES 64-67-5
p-Octylphenol POP 140-66-9
Vinyl ether Vinyl ether (各製品参照)

Inquiry >Specialty Chemicals Dept.

Chemical Name Product Name CAS No.
Poly-p-Hydroxystyrene MARUKA LYNCUR 24979-70-2
Bis-allylnadiimide BANI See product page
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