Promotion of CSR

We promote CSR activities, including group companies, based on our Corporate mission, Management policy and Action Standard (ChemiwayCommitment10) in order to sustainably develop the company and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders.
The activities also include the Japan Chemical Industry Association's Responsible Care philosophy, which is a voluntary measure throughout the chemical product life cycle from development to disposal.

CSR promotion system

We have established a CSR Committee chaired by the president, as an organization that confirms the status of promotion of CSR activities, verifies the effects, and deliberate and approves important matters. Under the CSR Committee, five specialized committees, "Safety Management", "Environmental Management", "Quality Assurance", "Compliance" and "Risk Management" have been established to strengthen internal control and promote activities efficiently.
Each 5 committee implements specific measures based on their policy and activity plan.
In addition, as a member of the Cosmo Energy Group, we are linked and cooperating in promoting CSR management from the perspective of ESG and in activities aimed at realizing SDGs.

CSR System diagram

* Responsible Care Codes