Company Profile

Trade name Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Founded October 10, 1959
Capital 10 billion yen
Description of
business operations
Import, export, production, processing and sales of ethylene, propylene, benzene and other basic petrochemical products, methyl ethyl ketone and other solvents, polyparavinyl phenol and other new materials.
Major shareholders Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., Ube Industries, Ltd., Denka Company Limited, JNC Corporation and Cosmo Matsuyama Oil Co., Ltd.
For inquiries, contact Human Resources & General Administration Dept. (Public Relations Gr.)
1-1, Irifune 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8502
Tel: 03-3552-9361 Fax: 03-5566-8391
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