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Promoting CSR

In October 2005, the "CSR Promotion Department " was founded. This organization is under the direct control of the President and acts as the secretariat for the promotion of CSR activities.

In November of the same year, the "CSR Commit tee", chaired by the President, was launched. In addition to the existing "Responsible Care Committee" and the "Accreditation Safety Auditing Committee" acting as organizations for the promotion of policies and measures as decided at the CSR Committee meetings, the new "Risk Compliance Committee" was established for the purpose of concentrating efforts on priority issues. These committees are classed as special committees and have begun their task of promoting activities as the Company's CSR promoting organizations.
After this, the activity organization was re-examined. As a result, a new organization was established on April 1, 2007 and the "CSR Administration Rules" were enacted, adding clarity to the policies and promoting the system for CSR activities.
The Company's CSR activities are underpinned by three pillars: "RC (Responsible Care) Activities, "RM (Risk Management ) Activities," and "Other Promotion Activities" such as social contribution activities.
The "CSR Committee" chaired by the President was established as the deliberation body for considering the various activity policies and measures, and the "CSR Subcommittees" were instituted at each plant as sub-organizations.
The "Risk Compliance Committee" and "RC Committee" of the past were abolished and their function were integrated into the "CSR Committee." (The "Accreditation Safety Auditing Committee" wasretained under the RC activities.) The RM activities and other promotion activities are advanced on a company-wide basis while RC activities are promoted at the individual plant level.

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