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Vinyl ether

Our Vinyl-ether is used as reactive diluent of UV-curing-coating, raw material of polymer and oligomer (by radical copolymerization and cationic polymerization), washing agent, or raw material of chemicals.

Chemical Name Molecular Formula ENSC No. CAS No. Structural Formula
2-Hydroxyethyl Vinyl ether C4H8O2 7-97 764-48-7 CH2=CH-O-CH2CH2-OH
Diethylenglyol Mono Vinyl ether C8H12O3 7-97 929-37-3 CH2=CH-(OCH2CH2)2-OH
4-Hydroxybuthyl Vinyl ether C6H12O2 2-3248 17832-28-9 CH2=CH-O(CH2)4-OH


TEST UNIT 2-Hydroxyethyl Vinyl ether Diethylenglyol Mono Vinyl ether 4-Hydroxybuthyl Vinyl ether
Molecular Weitht   88.11 132.16 116.16
Appearance   Clear Liquid Clear Liquid Clear Liquid
Boiling Point 140 208 187
Solid Point --- -49.9 -40
Density g/cm3 0.984 1.028 0.93
Flash Point 55 110 87
Autoignition Temperature 272 247 265



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